Case Studies

Case Studies where we helped change behaviours

Demonstrating to your board colleagues you have a Voice


A highly qualified, intellectually strong individual who needed to develop stronger communication with major stakeholders and learn to use a different voice and become more empathic with individual leadership team members.

meTomorrow helped them understand how to build stakeholder relationships to plan what their objectives were and to adjust their voice to be more in tune with their leadership teams by taking the time and delegating where appropriate.

How to harness and embrace the disrupter on the board

Digital Transformation Director and Marketing CMO

Brought in to be a disrupter but tried too hard. Talked to people but never really wanted to listen. Tendency to be self-opinionated and only heard what they wanted to hear. Did not appreciate the achievements of the rest of the board.

meTomorrow helped them to find their own voice which sat better with their existing team/ colleagues’ views. We challenged and taught them to be more subtle and understand how essential it was to get their stakeholders onside, be better organised and empathic with their leadership team who needed guidance and nurturing.

Getting the Right Rhythm


Very bright, fear of ageism, a perfectionist which held them back, when nervous spoke for too long and disliked confrontation, frightened of delegating to their team.

Working with meTomorrow has helped them re-establish a more balanced way of working and achieve confidence which has benefitted them personally and that of the business.

Working in Silo

Director of Innovation

Highly experienced and new to role here in the UK having arrived from another large corporate company in the USA. Initially did not appreciate they needed a different voice in the UK and tended to work in a very “Silo “way with a team of 120 and 4 main reports. Had high expectations of the team, worked untenably long hours and expected the team to follow suit. Some of them became incredibly anxious and felt extremely vulnerable if they did not keep up. Felt they were an extremely empathic leader, and this was the norm.

meTomorrow helped them to map out a new business journey which was far more empathic, had good energy and provide a more cohesive direction for the team. Happy to say no one has left and we also encouraged them to spend more time with the team and to be transparent and empathic.

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