We understand the pressures you face as a leader. Are you ready to raise your voice?

Your leadership in your organisation matters today, more than ever. Because businesses are fighting for survival and employees are stressed, stretched and struggling with today’s ‘new normal’ and worried about job security. They need you to lead strategically with conviction, reassurance and empathy. To be the voice of your employees, your customers and your organisation. The voice of leadership.

meTomorrow is a senior leadership mentoring and executive coaching business with a difference – unique, intuitive ways to trust your inner voice, with leadership tools and techniques to drive business growth that are always underpinned by the human psychology.


meTomorrow Coaching will support your goals to become a visionary leader

Making the time to invest in yourself. Essential investment that is important for business performance, workplace relationships, your own development and personal fulfilment

Business Development strategies to work harder and faster, empowering and motivating your workforce to drive business growth

Impartial advice, complete confidentiality and fresh thinking from an experienced, like-minded business leader. Helping you to unpick, identify and advise what’s next for your business and your own career progression

Strengthening your profile - with increased empathy, inclusivity, self-awareness and transparency in all you do

Skills and tools to listen to your inner voice, trust your instinct and how to you use your voice effectively to influence and inspire


Our goal is to refocus, reinvigorate and rebuild your confidence, motivating you to deliver personal and organisational growth

We will work in a way that is confidential, personalised, bespoke – and enjoyable! It will be challenging…it will be detailed – and we can be hard taskmasters! But we are also good at listening with a real appreciation of the pressures that high-achievers experience… and of the importance of establishing a work/life balance.

meTomorrow is about perception, empathy and strategy-building… and, of course, voice! Together we can find the inflection, the intonation and the delivery to make YOUR voice heard in the way you would like.


Our Mentors

Each of our mentors have a distinctive area of expertise so we can find the ideal match to suit your needs

Dani Bernstein

Is the Founder of meTomorrow - the concept of 'voice' underscores everything meTomorrow does.

Anita Bolger

A highly accomplished FTSE-100 board-level and international commercial leader with experience spanning Europe, America and Asia.

Andrew Rutherford

One of the most well known figures in media recruitment having worked both in the UK, European and US markets.

Linda McDonald

A trained psychologist, with over 20 years' experience building qualitative market research businesses.

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