“Great things in business are never done by one person: they’re done by a team of people”
Steve Jobs

Great advice Steve, but there are people in my team that just don’t get it...

Do you as a Director running a team or board, face this dilemma, are there members of your team or board who are just not in sync?

  • Are you agonising over letting someone go who is not meeting expectations?
  • Likes the sound of their own voice and do not listen to others?
  • Finding it hard to get them to hear you?
  • Stuck in a Silo mentality?
  • Disruptors who are not embracing other team or board colleagues?
  • Reinvigorating a team or board member who feels vulnerable or fearful?
  • Are any of your team or board members confusing motion with action?

Why Does it Matter so Much?

Right now, board leadership matters more than ever. It is the conduit of everything. Leadership teams are stressed and struggling with the ‘new normal ’but they still need to provide strategic leadership, reassurance, and empathy. Your team and board represents the voice of your employees and customers alike.

The new normal has created a new voice

Remote working using: Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp is a new voice for us all.

We have experienced massive change amid a backdrop of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and distraction. Colleagues have been furloughed, parents have had to learn to split their time between business and home schooling their children.

Single people living alone are working harder because they had no one to nudge them to stop.

What happens if your colleagues prefer working from home and are nervous about going back to office life, how do you sustain your company DNA?

A new way of working is needed to help them, and their leadership teams manage this.

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How Can We Help?

meTomorrow provides 1-1 mentoring, to help your leaders find their true voice.

We help your senior team to reach their own personal goals and that of the business.

To actively be seen in taking a positive leadership role to help their team manage this new normal, which inevitably will build loyalty and a more cohesive and productive team.

Working with them to identify and modify unhelpful behaviours which are hindering their progress to emerge with renewed confidence.

Teaching and enabling them to have a more able and effective team often using a different voice and tone.

Help your team and board members appreciate the value of their voice and contribution to create an effective and productive board.

Encouragement, role-playing, raising their profile and becoming more aware of the importance of building firmer stakeholder relationships, when appropriate with holding companies.

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Why meTomorrow?

We actively work with colleagues to build up confidence in their ability to manage confrontational issues by learning the art and language of disarming and can help those who struggle to listen accept that they cannot always be right.

Teaching them to understand how to achieve a better work-life balance both proactively and reactively to be better prepared and focussed whilst understanding the importance of delegation, without losing control.

  • We offer complete confidentiality.
  • We actively listen.
  • We build trust and rapport.
  • We explore goals and identify perceived barriers, looking at the tool’s clients have, and finding ways to use them more efficiently and effectively.
  • We challenge new thinking, acknowledge new skills are needed and how they can acquire them.
  • We know the importance of boundaries, aiming for excellence not perfection- it’s a long way to fall.
  • We help them build confidence and change the way they feel and are perceived by others.

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Our Mentors

Each of our mentors have a distinctive area of expertise so we can find the ideal match to suit your needs

Dani Bernstein

Is the Founder of meTomorrow - the concept of 'voice' underscores everything meTomorrow does.

Anita Bolger

A highly accomplished FTSE-100 board-level and international commercial leader with experience spanning Europe, America and Asia.

Andrew Rutherford

One of the most well known figures in media recruitment having worked both in the UK, European and US markets.

Linda McDonald

A trained psychologist, with over 20 years' experience building qualitative market research businesses.

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